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Take Care Hairline

Extensions need proper care and nutrition at all times. Silicones are the basis of the care. This is exactly in contrast to its own hair, with silicones making sure that the hair strings just slip and break down with hair loss as a consequence.

Its own hair has the ability to recover itself by means of, for example, vitamins and minerals. Extensions can not take this from themselves because extensions are actually dead hairs.

Instead of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, extensions need silicones. Silicones provide softness and shine so the extensions can last as long as possible. During washing, these silicones should therefore be replenished as well as possible. As food products contain corrosive substances such as alcohol and fructose, the extensions are severely affected. It is important, therefore, that you should pay attention to the extension of your extensions.

Take Care Hairline is specially developed for our extensions and contains exactly the right combination and amounts of the right ingredients that our extensions need.

We therefore always recommend our own care products. Use this to achieve the optimal spin time and enjoy your extensions as long as possible!

How can you best handle our hair extensions in general? 

General care

  • Please do not color or bleach (with colors we always recommend light to dark. This is always at your own risk)
  • Do not swim (otherwise in a knot or protective cap)
  • Take care of the hair with the Take Care Hairline.
  • Allow it to dry up, or foil with the cold condition
  • Use the Take Care Serum for points
  • Comb the hair 2x a day with a hair extensions brush
  • Do not get care / as little as possible on the weft / wax / microrings

Treatment for dry / stiff hair

  • Comb all the bumps from the hair
  • When the bumps return repeatedly, take the Take Care Conditioner more often than usual.
    (This happens often in the winter period. The hair then contains several times a day)
  • Wash the hair 6-8 times to get all chemical agents out
  • Use a good mask 2-3 x for example Loreal Vitamin Color or let it all night
  • Use as last
  • Allow it to dry or foil with the cold condition

Possible reasons for the rapid dryness / drowning of hair:

Dust and fat (of your skin) / Chemicals (eg alcohol or chlorine) / Abrasive hairs (eg scarf) / Too much curling or curling at high temperatures.

Possible reasons for hair loss:

Handmade Jobs / Chemicals (eg alcohol or chlorine) / Cut the I tips / Hair colors.

Pay attention! Some products require extra and / or other care. The above information is for general maintenance of the extensions.

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